Chile Flag Mistakenly Put On Texas Ballots

October 13, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Looks like someone didn’t do their research! In Atascosa County, Texas, election officials are correcting a mistake on absentee ballots that depicted the flag of Chile. Although strikingly similar to the Chile flag, the Texas banner has some noted differences. They are both red, white and blue and have a white stripe at the top and a red one at the bottom. They also have a blue box with a white star. The main difference is that the Texas flag displays the blue box along the left side whereas on the Chile flag, the blue box with the star is in the top left-hand corner.

Janice Ruple, elections administrator, put the blame on a previous employee for the mixup. She said, “We just never caught it.” But someone should have! Instead, voter Troy Knudson noticed the error on his ballot.

Ok, so it was an easy mistake to make but come on! The president of Chile is probably getting a good chuckle out of this one.

Clearly, this whole snafu could have been prevented if someone was a little more creative when designing. I mean use your imagination a little flag designers. Do your research and come up with something a little better than an imitation. Well, atleast the error was caught.


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  1. Ahhahahahahah!!! So funny! Texans are so special.

  2. Quite funny how the journalist blames this on flag designers “imitating” other flags which contradicts the other supposition of “not doing research”. Either way, the flag of Chile was first established in 1817, then modified in 1867 while the Texas flag was created in 1838, right in between the original Chilean flag and its simplification in 1867.

    It would be understandable the Texas flag designer would dismiss the Chilean flag as too different to create any confusion in 1817, which was before the Chilean flag was simplified, and it still featured a coat of arms in the middle as well as a rotated or tilted star with an asterisk in the middle.

    Furthermore, Texas became a member of the union (USA) in 1845, so it was no longer an independent republic in 1867 when the flag of Chile was simplified, making it more similar to the Texas flag. It would likewise be understandable that the Chilean decree calling for a flag simplification at that time should ignore the similarity of other flags to their own, as long as those other flags belonged not to entities established at the time as independent countries.

    Peter Franco


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