Cramster Is Your Homework Helper And New Best Friend

October 13, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Ever wish you could get homework help online from actual people who know what they’re talking about? Well, now you can! Cramster is an online community aimed at providing homework help in any subject for high school and college students. The site says you can get an expert answer in as little as two hours from one of its 200,000 active members. Sound cool? Read on…

Cramster was founded in 2002 out of Pasadena, California. Their big break came in 2008 when the company was awarded “$3 million in Series A funding led by Shai Reshef, an online education industry veteran. Reshef was appointed Chairman to help the company expand its operations and further grow its userbase,” according to Wikipedia.

Cramster has two main sections called “Homework Help” and “Textbook Help.” The first includes a community of experts that can help tackle any homework hurdle and the second has hundreds of interactive textbook guides available that offer helpful hints and provide step-by-step solutions. The experts include teachers, teaching assistants, retired professors and others who earn points redeemable for rewards with each answer. Not bad, eh?

While parts of Cramster are free, the downside is that an actual subscription is not. Starting at around $4 per month, the service won’t break the bank and seems to be beneficial for many students. In fact, Cramster is the owner and operator of the Facebook app, Courses 2.0, which was voted the 4th best application by PC Magazine. It takes the cake for being the largest class schedule-sharing app on Facebook with over 400,000 users.

What was life like without computers? I shudder at the thought.


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