Earthquakes Rock Oklahoma

October 13, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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A 4.3 magnitude earthquake totally rocked central Oklahoma this morning and everyone was like, “Wow, it felt like a big explosion.”

Thankfully, no major damages or injuries have been reported.

At first I thought it could be an explosion,” said Capt. Tom Easley, of the Norman, Oklahoma, police. “You think of the worst possible scenario.

Hmm, would the worst possible scenario be an explosion or an earthquake?

I think the WORST possible scenario might be having the Power Rangers come fight one of those huge monsters in your city at the end of one of their shows, cause, man they totally just destroy it instead of saving it.

According to CNN, The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said its State Operations Center had received calls from 13 counties with people reporting they felt the earthquake, but the center had not received any reports of damage or injuries.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said emergency dispatchers were receiving calls from people who said they felt the quake, but “this is not necessary. We are currently not doing anything. There are no reports of damage,” according to the CNN report.

Oklahoma isn’t a completely weird place for an earthquake to occur.

The area is part of the The New Madrid Seismic Zone and has the potential for earthquakes, however, rarely sees them.

Picture of worst case scenario below.


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