Is Rachel Zoe Pregnant Or Did She Just Eat Her First Full Meal?

October 13, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Rachel Zoe, rail thin Hollywood fashion stylist and star of the Bravo reality series The Rachel Zoe Project, is rumored to be pregnant, but since she won’t confirm I’m going to just assume she finished her first full meal of her life and is sporting a food baby.

Surprisingly, the completely insane stylist has been married to her husband Rodger Berman for twelve years. It would be only natural for the couple to start having kids, right? He must be a very patient man.

Berman has said Zoe would make an “amazing mother” and said she is “incredible” with children.

“She gets so much joy out of styling and literally a high when she sees Chanel,” he said. “I wish she could look into the future and understand what it might feel like to have a child –- because I know she would feel the same and hopefully more. We’ll see…”

Naturally, to increase ratings and popularity, Zoe has denied the rumors, telling people that she had “nothing to report.”

Rachel Zoe, is one of the most renowned yet controversial fashion stylists in Hollywood. Her past clients always seem to be rumored to have an eating disorder when being dressed by here. Remember stick thin Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley? All her clients.

I’m sure if this preggo rumor is true, Twitter will be the first to know, followed by the viewers of The Rachel Zoe project, and then, maybe her husband. I kid.

I think its great if she’s pregnant! She’ll look less like Skeletor and more like She-Ra with that extra weight.


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  1. zoe i really love your style, your humor, and your personalitity is just the greatest, you have to eat woamn, you must eat, who will care for that baby you say you have if not you?we saw no pictures, or had any updates of your pregnancy ordelivery, i bet you have a beautiful baby ,but how would we know? please care for yourself, try to eat we would love to see you and your show around for a really long time..p.s. i just bought a beautiful clutch of yours, and i love it…


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