Sports Agent Josh Luchs Confesses to Paying College Players

October 13, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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Former sports agent, Josh Luchs, confessed to paying players in an upcoming Sports Illustrated article.

It’s no secret that some star NCAA players receive money or other compensation from agents (and others.) Heck, even one of the most memorable college athletes in recent years, Reggie Bush, all but admitted he violated NCAA rules by giving back his Heisman Trophy.

If you’re an agent giving the money or a player taking it you’re not about to spill the beans.

Luchs, however, opened up to Sports Illustrated about how he payed money to players in hopes of them signing with him. Some did, some didn’t, either way, everyone got paid.

In the Sports Ilustrated story, Luchs said quarterback Ryan Leaf, the second pick in the 1998 draft who famously flopped in the pros, took more than $10,000, most of which he voluntarily paid back after signing with another agent. Leaf declined to comment on specific allegations.

Luchs told the magazine he also paid first-round picks Jamir Miller and Chris Mims. Miller, a linebacker from UCLA taken 10th by the Cardinals in 1994, declined comment. Mims, a defensive lineman from Tennessee taken 23rd by the Chargers in 1992, died in 2008.

Luchs said it was time for the NCAA and the NFLPA to get their acts together and for states to start enforcing laws that prohibit the type of behavior he was involved in.

“There’s no communication between the NCAA and the NFLPA currently,” Luchs said. “They’re not working together and they should be — and they should also be working together with the individual states. And until they all come together and decide that they’re going to share information and find one common goal, they’re going to be working against each other.” Via Espn


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