The Wire Daily Buzz: David Arquette Apologizes

October 14, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Check out today’s top celebrity news stories including David Arquette publicly apologizing, Bill O’Reilly causing The View ladies to step off set and much more after the jump!

So, after talking about his sex life on Howard Stern, David Arquette publicly apologized. - The Frisky

The View ladies do not like Bill O’Reilly. - TMZ

Did Lindsay Lohan try to escape rehab to get a soda? - TMZ

Will Joe Jonas propose to Ashley Greene? -Lime Life

Jimmy Fallon is a perfect Justin Bieber impersonator. - CelebriFi

Perez Hilton is no longer a cyber bully. Or so he says. - Allie is Wired

Joan Collins doesn’t like how Jennifer Aniston’s looks. - Splash News


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