Brooklyn Bridge Reopened After Shutting Down Due to Suspicious Package

October 15, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge was shut down Friday morning for a few hours while authorities looked into a suspicious package.

The Brooklyn Bridge has been shut down in both directions as the NYPD investigates a report of a suspicious package on the pedestrian walkway.

Police say someone on the walkway saw a flashlight with copper wiring and called 911.

I guess that’s suspicious? I mean, sure, flashlights don’t normally have copper wires and, yes, the police should take all reports like this seriously, but… … ..

Ugh. I guess you really have no choice but to shut the sucker down, do you?

Police, apparently, figured out it was just a flashlight and reopened the bridge.

The bridge, which was opened in 1883, is undergoing a series of renovations for the next several years and there is a lot of construction on both the Manhattan and Brooklyn sides.

Do you remember the TV show “Brooklyn Bridge“? Wow, that had like TWO episodes ever, but I distinctly remember watching it when I was younger.


Anyway, drive on, New Yorkers. Drive on.


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