The Worst TV Bosses Ever to Commemorate National Bosses Day

October 15, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Today is National Bosses Day! Calm down, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not a boss.

However, your boss is only human and may need some of your attention or love or encouragement.

HAHAHA. Just kidding.

Anyway, in honor of National Bosses Day, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this list of the Worst TV Bosses Ever from TVSquad and I wanted to share it.

Worst Boss #1. Montgomery Burns (‘The Simpsons’). Sure, Burns gives his employees health benefits, and he seems rather flexible when it comes to hiring back Homer when he’s fired. But he also the guy who has tried to kill several characters and once tried to block out the sun so he could control the town. For James Bond villain-level badness, you have to give the number one spot to Burns.

There’s a reason why Hannibal Lecter auditioned to play Burns.

Worst Boss #2. Arvin Sloane (‘Alias’). Why would an evil mastermind who would kill his own family members to find the secret to immortality actually rank below Michael Scott? Because Arvin Sloane was sort of a hands-off type of boss. Where Scott tries to be involved in everything, micromanages and is just completely annoying, Sloane would usually stay in his office and scheme or be out of the office entirely on some international mission.

If Sloane was around more and always got involved in everyone’s business, he’d be No. 2. Still, he was a pretty rotten boss. I bet he never enough brought bagels to the morning meetings.

Worst Boss #3. Louie DePalma (‘Taxi’). When you think of Sunshine Cab boss Louie DePalma, the first word that comes to your mind is “sleazy.” Not only would he embarrass you and belittle you in front of your coworkers, he’d sleep with anything that moved and then brag about it. He probably had a huge collection of porn under his bed.

If Louie DePalma is still around, he’s probably on the web, downloading porn.

Worst Boss #4. Dr. Robert Romano (‘ER’). This guy was such a jerk you wished a helicopter would either chop his arm off or fall on top of him and crush him to death. Maybe even both!

Here’s a scene with Romano berating … well, just about everyone. It’s like a Romano greatest hits clip in one scene.

Worst Boss #5. Wilhelmina Slater (‘Ugly Betty’). While Wilhelmina showed signs of heart throughout the series, you always got the feeling that she would fire you if you looked at her wrong or didn’t prepare her tea the right way or you got the wrong thread count in her sheets. Plus, there was the whole “I’ll do anything to the Meade family to take control of Mode” thing.

Let’s just say that everyone was … tense around Wilhelmina.


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