Super Typhoon Megi Slams Philippines

October 18, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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With fierce winds of 140 mph, Super Typhoon Megi has been the strongest cyclone to hit the Philippines in years. The Philippines has declared “a state of calamity” in Isabela province and thousands of residents have fled the area Monday to seek shelter.

Super Typhoon Megi has hit the northern part of the Philippines covering it in rain which drowned at least one man. Wind gusts of 162 mph were recording as it touched down Monday at Palanan Bay in Isabela province causing mass destruction. Super Typhoon Megi seemed to be losing steam as it crossed the mountains on the island of Luzon but will regain its strength before heading to China.

Areas of China and Vietnam already damaged by flooding were preparing for more rain from Super Typhoon Megi. 140,000 residents in a coastal Chinese province have been evacuated in preparation for the storm. In Vietnam, 30 deaths have already been reported due to flooding.

Thousands of military personnel and volunteers were ready to take action as the storm neared. Benito Ramos, a top disaster-response official, likened storm preparations to war:

This is like preparing for war. We know the past lessons, and we’re aiming for zero casualties. The governor of Isabela declared a state of calamity, so there could be massive damage and destruction there. Power has been cut and crops about to be harvested could have been destroyed. We have no actual report because we’re waiting for the weather to clear up to make an assessment.

Super Typhoon Megi is the 10th and strongest typhoon to wreak havoc the Philippines this year.


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