Glee Makes The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cool Again!

October 19, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Let’s do the time warp again! Remember when you were a nerdy high school freshman who got roped into going to a midnight screening of this weird 70’s cult classic movie called The Rocky Horror Picture Show, only to be sacrificed as a virgin in front of a live audience to the jeering laughter of your much cooler friends?

Yeah, I haven’t gotten over that either.

But once you recovered -  momentarily at least – you sat back and watched the most musically perverse movie of your young life, and  thus, a die hard Rocky Horror fan was born.

I, too, was one of those die hard The Rocky Horror Picture Show fans. For four years straight, I went as Magenta, the incestuous maid, for Halloween, and it never got old. I can recite the lyrics to every song, do the “Time Warp,” and yell at the screen like the best of them.

It’s amazing that a movie 35 years still holds such luster to young eyes. And now, it’s gonna get a whole new breed of Frankfurters with the upcoming Glee episode, that will no doubt titillate tweens around the country and make Tim Curry cool again.

On the Oct. 26 episode, the Glee-ky gang of high school misfits gets mostly naked suit up to pay homage to the 1975 cult film classic.

According to US Magazine, the episode features Lea Michele as virginal Janet Weiss, and Cory Monteith as Janet’s doofy fiancé, Brad Majors.

I’ve seen the movie, I saw the show on Broadway and let me tell you…I slept for 14 hours [after shooting] because that was a big episode to put together,” the star, 24, tells Us. “The transformations, everybody playing a different character from the movie, it’s extraordinary. I was showing my family pictures and my family had no idea which of our cast member they were. It’s so out of this world (via

I can’t wait to see Glee’s take on this cult classic. Can you?!

Here’s a sneak peak:


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