Jets’ Mark Sanchez May Have Eyes for TV Reporter Lindsay McCormick

October 19, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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According to the NY Post’s Page 6, Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, may have the hots for TV reporter Lindsay McCormick. Oooh lala.

Judging by how the Jets players treated another TV reporter, Inez Sainz, this should probably be a totally non sexist courtship.

According to the Post, The handsome quarterback is getting friendly with McCormick, a reporter and football analyst from Houston, Texas. A source told Page Six, “Mark and Lindsay have known each other as friends for a long time, but have been seeing each other for a few weeks. She’s a freelance sports reporter and spends a lot of time working in Portland, Oregon, so they haven’t been able to see a lot of each other.

McCormick says the two are just friends.

McCormick told Page Six, “I have known Mark for a number of months, and he is an acquaintance/friend, and anything reported as more than that would be false. Not to mention, I would never hear the end of the smack talk from my dad, who is a diehard Texans fan. So, as an avid sports fan, let’s allow Mark to place the focus where it should be — on the Green Bay defense.”

Judging by some of McCormick’s “highlights,” I don’t see a problem with Sanchez focusing on her tight end.

I mean respecting her as a woman.


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  1. I changed my mind. She’s not hot.

  2. The girl knows her stuff and is smoking! I’m a fan of her blazers coverage!

  3. She’s sexy! Wish i was the sanchize


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