Bryce Gruber Gets Vajazzled On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

October 20, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Season 4 of Millionaire Matchmaker premiered last night on Bravo and featured Bryce Gruber, a 26-year-old spoiled princess according to Bravo’s website, who just can’t seem to find Mr. Right.

If you’ve never seen the show, it follows self-proclaimed matchmaker Patti Stanger as she tries to set up wealthy clients with suitable mates. In last night’s episode, we see that Patti and her team have left Los Angeles and set up shop in the Big Apple. To kick things off, Bryce Gruber gets vajazzled. Vajazzling is a personal grooming trend in which rhinestones are applied down there in various patterns. Sound cool? Check out Bryce’s video below and see for yourself. Not sure how this will help her find a man, but it did keep my interest.

Bryce Gruber came across as a tad too privileged and somewhat snotty. Of course she’s not like that in real life and blames the editing. Gruber vented on Twitter, “haha i saw the episode tonight. they make me look like a total snob…just saw the dvd (of footage), they made me look like a TOTAL snob. they mishmashed scenes. oh well.” Ah, that editing will get you every time!

Also, did anyone notice that Patti Stanger looks, well, different? Like in between her eyes and mouth? All signs point to nose job. She looks great!


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  1. Bryce was such a snobby little bitch.. i couldnt stand her! I’m sorry – with a shnozz that big – she has no right to be that picky.

  2. This is so dumb. They are just gonna rub off.

  3. Is she related to that freaky trainwreck LIzzie Gruber that plowed into a Hamptons nightclub??
    Some people…

  4. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Bryce, you are perhaps the biggest hypocrite, not to mention someone who has the personality of a styrofoam cup. You’re highly offended when your date on MM makes a sex-based joke, but you have no problem appearing in a video getting crystals on your groin? Give me a break. Oh and by the way, apparently you didn’t learn anatomy at whatever private school you attended. That isn’t your vagina; it’s actually the area above your pubic area (or more accurately: your GROIN).

  5. I think Bryce is the hottest girl that has ever been on the show. From one millionaire to another. If I were Jewish and not in my 40′s I would tracker her down and ask her out

  6. Hottest girl? who are you ?? her cousin and got paid for writing this up? she’s unbearable I couldn’t almost watch the whole show, her air of superiority is too much, and there’s nothing of substance behind that attitude

  7. This is an understatement: “Bryce Gruber came across as a tad too privileged and somewhat snotty.” She is such a snob and acts so entitled. Spoiled princess is more like it.

  8. She is a freakin slut with a child out of wedlock, oh but she is the “reformed/newly celibate” bitch who thinks it is cute to put glitter and shit around her pee pee, and think that is going to be “acceptably provocative/appropriately alluring” while still being able to maintain the image of a high-class young woman….obviously couldn’t keep the father around that long…HIYO!!!!!

  9. Bryce is a wench. Hates the Hamptons, people are awful, beaches are not up to par for her?? The Hamptons is one of the biggest resort areas, the residents are some of the nicest people you can meet if you treat them as you expect to be treated, AND Coopers Beach in Southampton is the No. 1 beach in the United States.

  10. ok i’ll admit it – I never saw the show, but was thus Bryce Gruber chick really that bad? Seems like everyone here hates her! what did she do that was so bad?

  11. If she’s the heiress to Dannon, I’m not buying that product line anymore.

  12. I just watched a rerun of Bryce Gruber, more like Guber. It would be amazing if she ever found a soulmate because the person she is looking for would never be attracted to her. She is rude, unattractive and needs to take a look in the mirror. How about a nose job for starters. Sorry to be mean but it needed to be said. Her parents should be ashamed. Anyone with class would have been polite if she wasn’t into the date but Guber had a snarl on her face the whole time. That chastity belt is not working. We all know what she needs!!!

  13. Don,t any of you get it, the reason she, being so smug and snotty is she,s a lesbo.

  14. I really could not agree more with all the negative comments about this nasty J.A.P. bitch!!!!!
    When I first started watching the episode of M.M. in which she appeared, I was somewhat amused by her aloof, condescending, superior and snotty-ass attitude. However, as the show dragged on she became so friggin unbearable and obnoxious that I began to almost believe that her behavior was an acting job!
    I am not normally a vindictive person, but I have SO ENJOYED all of the comments about her in this thread – I’m LMAO at how damn funny and accurate you people are!
    My favorite comments were from Lola, NYorker, Ashley, No name and ESPECIALLY NiggaMomma and J.J.!!!

    You were all entertaining and funny as hell!!!

    J.J., you and NiggaMomma were the BEST. You both have that little bitch nailed!!!

    I would LOVE to see all of you together on Comics Unleashed!

    I will NEVER buy Dannon products again!!!


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