Steven Slater Robbed By Boyfriends Brother While In Court!

October 20, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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What it is with stupid people milking their fortune off of the rich and infamous?

Or, in the case of Jet Blue Diva Steven Slater, just getting plain robbed. In broad daylight. By his boyfriend’s brother.

While Steven Slater was in court Tuesday pleading guilty to being awesome after telling a bitchy passenger to stick it where the sun don’t shine, his boyfriend’s brother burgled his apartment.

When Slater and his live in partner Ken Rochelle got home after a long day in court, they found that the famous flight attendants laptop, a printer and a microwave were missing.

Really? A microwave? Because they are so hard to come by these days.

Rochelle said “It’s probably my brother,” as casually as if his douchey sibling just passed gas.

The bro in question, Jonathan Rochelle, lives just two blocks away and is apparently an aspiring criminal and drug addict.

I’m sure Slater was peeved that someone so close to him would rip him off while he was pleading guilty to two counts of attempted criminal mischief. His boyfriend’s brother was quickly caught and is awaiting his own in the same court as Slater felt the cruel gavel of the law.

Said his attorney, “The defendant is accused basically of a crime of opportunity – brazenly breaking into his brother’s apartment in broad daylight when he knew nobody would be home.”

This is why you keep your shenanigans close to the vest, people! And don’t tell Facebook when you’ll be on vacay, you’re just asking for it!!


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