Just When You Got Your Appetite Back, Jackass 3.5 To Hit Stores Come January

October 22, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Hot off the cringe worthy success of “Jackass 3D,” Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine plan to release a follow up film called Jackass 3.5′.

Knoxville told MTV News recently. “We had so much footage left over, ’3.5′ is going to come out online and on DVD around January.

The daredevils said that “Jackass 3.5″ will likely follow in the same vein as “Jackass 2.5,” with more than an hour of extra footage that didn’t make the cut for “Jackass 3D.”

Mmm. What goodies can audiences expect to get grossed out by?

“Oh, God! There’s a lot of good stuff,” Knoxville said. “Just the three-minute, four-minute bit on [Chris] Pontius’ penis. All the different things we tried with his wang. It’s hilarious. And ‘Incredible Nut Shots,’ we spent more time on that than any bit we’ve ever shot. That turned out really good. The ‘Slip and Bow,’ where we pranked the guys, they were on a super slippery surface as bowling pins, and the Street Bike Tommy comes down and takes them all out, and they think that’s the bit, but no. [We] had a remote-control helicopter built with paintball guns on it, and they kind of can’t get away.”

Natrally, these pranks are not safe to try at home, and hopefully most parents who buy this DVD will make sure to stand by in case their kids get any ideas!


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