Kat Von D Angry At ‘L.A. Ink’ Producers Over Bad Mouthing Ex

October 22, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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As a reality star, there are some things that Kat Von D should just know by now.

Simple thins like, when the cameras are rolling, don’t leave the bathroom door open and other things like … don’t trash talk a famous rock star ex-boyfriend on camera!

But that’s just what the L.A. Ink star did when she was caught on tape bad mouthing her ex, Nikki Sixx – and now she’s threatening to sue the producers of the show that made her a household name.

It wasn’t as if Kat said the slanderous things about Sixx and then immediately freaked out at producers. No, she let the whole scene go through production and make it on to one of her upcoming shows.

It was only when she was watching a screener of the episode that she went ballistic.

Wow, what exactly did she say that would ruffle her feathers so much?

According to TMZ:

Here’s the problem — the footage was shot a while ago, while Kat was dating Jesse James … and back then, she still harbored some ill-feelings toward Nikki. But now, Kat and Nikki are back together — and when Kat previewed the footage from the upcoming episodes, which contained the anti-Nikki smack talk, we’re told Kat “freaked out.”

Kat apparently demanded that the producers re-edit the show and remove all negative Nikki bashing … or else she would file legal papers to stop the show cold.

All that meowing worked, because in the end, TMZ was told that producers obliged and those nasty comments about Sixx will never see the light of day.


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