The Wire’s Weekend Movie Round Up

October 22, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, it’s prime movie watching time.

With a bunch of new releases this weekend, how to choose, how to choose?

Let The Wire help you pick the best movie for your mood.

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies, check out what is playing in a theater near you this weekend.

Feel like watching mean ghosts? Go see Paranormal Activity 2.
In the sequel to last year’s wildly successful supernatural thriller, a family is terrorized by spooky hauntings in their home. Check out this review to confirm your fear!

If sensitive spooks are more your style, check out Hereafter.
Clint Eastwood directs Matt Damon in a story about three people whose lives intersect in a search for truth about the afterlife.

If you just want to bask in Ben Affleck’s hotness, try The Company Men.
Ben Affleck and his co-workers are forced to re-define their lives when corporate downsizing leaves them jobless. If that’s not good enough — The Town may still be in theatres!

Of course, you still have Jackass 3D and The Social Network to make you dumber and smarter, in that order.


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