REVIEW: Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘Speak Now’

October 25, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Country and pop music star Taylor Swift is no stranger to fame. She’s been in the spotlight for a while now (the whole Kayne thing only made her more popular), with 2009 being her biggest year yet. Now, the 21 year olds third album “Speak Now” reinforces that the crooner is here to stay.

According to the LA Times:

Speak Now is meant to be a masterpiece of major declarations — two-thirds of it recounts broken love affairs with fairly identifiable fellow celebrities, and she offers glimpses that finally confirm she’s not a princess, but a modern young woman who stashes clothes for the morning at her boyfriend’s place and isn’t above calling a rival a mattress gymnast. Swift is naming names during the media cycle accompanying this release -– the guitarist John “The Player” Mayer is the cradle-robber in “Dear John,” Taylor Lautner the lost prince of “Back to December” — but the gossip surrounding the music is much less interesting than the maturation of her sound.

So yeah, we get it. Taylor Swift is famous and hangs around with the rich, famous and beautiful.  Boo hoo for her. Luckily, the music “expands beyond country-pop to border both alternative rock and the dirty bubblegum pop.”

If you can believe it Swift wrote all the songs herself. This is quite refreshing to hear, as so many artists today cannot even hold a pen, it seems.

All in all, Swift “makes memorable music by honing in on the tiny stuff: the half-notes in a hummed phrase, the lyrical images that communicate precisely what it’s like to feel uncomfortable, or disappointed, or happy. Her fans are 100% there with her, as she’s fidgeting with her clothes while an ex holds forth across the room at a party; or relishing the first time a new beau shakes her dad’s hand; or switching on that night light and tucking herself in. Focusing on these moments, Swift manages to be there with her fans too -– so often does she hit on common experiences that feel unique.

Will you be buying her new album?


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