Top Ten Halloween Costumes For Those In The Know

October 25, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Tired of rocking that sexy maid costume every year? Don’t want to ruin another perfectly good sheet? Well, you’re in luck! There is so much happening in the world today that there are a ton of hip, of the moment, Halloween costumes that will surely get you noticed when you’re out trick or treating.

Thanks to the fine folks at, I’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Halloween Costumes Based on Current Events (That Aren’t Completely Lame).

In a very particular order:

10. Chilean Miner – They’re national heroes and loved worldwide! Milk this while its hot!

9. Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy  - These German figure skaters rocked some highly memorable outfits – including a sad clown outfit that should be easy to pull off. And it’s way less offensive than their Russian comrades:

8. Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin – Just ignore each other, fight and then start making out. All night.

7. Elena Kagan – Sport a short wig, a dowdy, matronly outfit, and a judge’s gavel, and boom — you’re a Supreme Court Justice.

6. Ron Artest – While Blisstree said LeBron James – Artest is a better choice. Just walk around telling random people you want to thank your Psychiatrist all night.

5. World Cup Referee –  Buy a whistle and you’re set. Just be prepared to get beat up if you make a wrong call!

4. Kim Jung Un – Toss out those nerdy glasses and go as the newly-anointed heir to North Korea’s closed Communist government. Which is pretty much just looking miserable in an all black outfit.

3. Chelsea Clinton and her new hubby! – Find your nearest Vera Wang store, drop 20k on a dress, wrangle a handsome young man and you’re set! Wait… that’s what most women want to do the other 364 days a year.

2. Steve Jobs – you’ll already be walking around with your iPhone in your hand all night. So just throw on a black turtleneck and you’re done.

1. Rick Sanchez, former CNN anchor – according to Blisstree: “Just wear a suit to the Halloween party and walk around making bigoted, anti-Semitic comments to people all night. You’ll be able to stay for a little while, but then will be asked to leave.”

Alright, maybe that sexy maid outfit is starting to look a little better.


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