Charlie Sheen Found Drunk and Naked in NY Hotel

October 26, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Charlie Sheen was found drunk and naked in a New York hotel early Tuesday morning.

Sheen never can quite seem to stop getting all intoxicated out of his mind, but he’s just so cute at being wasted all the time you almost don’t want him to stop!

According to, “Police responded to a call for an intoxicated male,” a source confirms to PEOPLE. Sheen, 45, was taken to the hospital “in the company of a female, unharmed.” He was removed from the scene for “for alcohol abuse and psychological evaluation” and considered an “aided case,” meaning no arrest was made.

Yeah, I mean why arrest someone who just trashed a hotel and cause thousands of dollars in damage? No need for police involvement there! (Sarcasm drips from keyboard.)

Police were sent to The Plaza Hotel in midtown New York after a call from hotel security, according to the New York Post. The room was trashed when police responded, including damage to a chandelier and hotel furniture.

Man, and Sheen isn’t even a rock star! Who else gets to do all of this incredibly rock star type stuff and will, probably, get away with it in the court of public opinion based solely on his charm?

Charlie Sheen! That’s who!

Sheen, in addition to being recently rehabbed, less than a month ago walked his daughter down the aisle. The Two and a Half Men star is visiting the city with ex-wife Denise Richards, 39, who accompanied him to the hospital, and their two daughters.


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  1. Surprise, surprise to see more bad behavior from Charlie Sheen. How embarrasing for him.

  2. No kidding. I was watching an old rerun of Two and a Half Men, and Charlie Sheen’s legal headlines were all I could think of while watching.


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