Florida Gubernatorial Candidate, Alex Sink, Fires Aide Who Sent Text Message During Debate

October 26, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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During a commercial break in a debate with Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott Monday night, Democrat Alex Sink received a text message from an aide.

While Sink said the text message didn’t help her cause during the debate, it could have violated debate rules and, thus, she fired her senior adviser, Brian May; he of the shifty fingers.

Sink’s campaign had said Monday night that May had been let go after he sent a text message during a break in the debate to Sink via her makeup artist. Tuesday, Sink said she couldn’t really tell much about what the text message was trying to say to her, but realized it could be a violation

of rules on information sharing that the campaigns had agreed to before the debate, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Scott had noticed Sink reading the text message and had complained. In CNN video that was rolling during the break in the debate, Sink can be seen reading the message on the makeup

artist’s phone, and Scott can be heard asking about it.

This reminds me of people who use their smartphones during Triva Games at local bars. Jerks. I mean, if you don’t know the answer, sometimes it’s just better to admit the fact than to look it up just to win a free order of hot wings.

I mean, c’mon.


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