Nicki Minaj Unveils Sexy New Video ‘Right Through Me’

October 27, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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The web is abuzz with Nicki Minaj’s newest video for Right Through Me.

It’s coming across as a great message of female empowerment, but some people are concerned that the video and lyrics are too risqué for younger eyes and that it’s definitely aimed at an older audience.

The video just debuted on MTV and then, of course, exploded onto the Internet earlier today. Nicki’s video tells the musical tale of “Minaj in what amounts to an argument with her on-screen boyfriend and breaks out into a musical plea to actually ’see’ her.”

I’ll admit, the lyrics are catchy – particularly the chorus – but they have some curse words in them that might cause parents to ban their kids from listening to it.

The video is pretty descriptive and leaves little to the imagination as Nicki Minaj rolls around in bed with her man and steams up the bathroom mirrors while contemplating the status of their love affair.

So, with that said: Should you let your kids watch Nicki Minaj’s Right Through Me video?

Check it out for yourself:


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