The Rocky Horror Picture Show ‘Glee’ Episode Airs

October 27, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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The long-awaited Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired Glee episode aired last night and introduced a younger generation to the cult film. From flashy costumes to a guest appearance by Meat Loaf, the episode didn’t disappoint.

Spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know, stop reading NOW!

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode, the cast performed Damn It Janet, Whatever Happened to Saturday Night, Sweet Transvestite, Touch a Touch a Touch Me, There’s a Light, and at the end, Time Warp. All the tracks are available on iTunes.

Reasons to watch:
-John Stamos does a killer rendition of Eddie singing Whatever Happened To Saturday Night.
-Sue’s Corner rocked. She says something about Halloween to the effect of “…When boys can dress up as girls and girls can dress up as wh*res.” Love her.
-Mr. Schu shirtless.
-Meat Loaf makes a guest appearance as a TV exec who gets Sue to go undercover.
-You get to see Finn in his white boxers.

Reasons to skip it:
-If you know nothing about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the episode doesn’t do a good job at explaining the plot.
-Too focused on Mr. Schu/Emma–he decides to let her go. NO!!
-As it turns out, the musical was never performed in front of a real audience (just Mr. Schu) because McKinley High deemed it too racy. ;-(
-Anticlimactic ending

Was it my favorite Glee episode? No, but it is worth watching.


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