Zahra Baker Found? Police Are Close, Prosthetic Leg Turns Up

October 27, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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HICKORY, NC: There has been a break in the Zahra Baker case. Was Zahra Baker found? No not yet, but police are getting close because the 10-year-old missing Australian girl’s prosthetic leg has been found. Investigators found the prosthetic leg late Tuesday afternoon and are trying to determine for sure if it’s Zahra Baker’s by looking up the serial number. Because it was made in Australia, this process could take some time, says The Gaston Gazette.

Zahra Baker was reported missing by her parents on October 9th and an Amber Alert was immediately issued while a search for Zahra got underway. That was quickly called off October 12th when the investigation turned into a homicide investigation. Now authorities believe she is dead.

Zahra’s parents seem like a match made in heaven. Stepmother Elisa Baker is up to no good and has been jailed for apparently trying to pass off a ransom note as Zahra’s. Her father, Adam Baker, is also behind bars facing a few charges including writing bogus checks.

Zahra lost her left leg and hearing to cancer, but was a fighter. This investigation is a “very emotional time” for law enforcement says District Attorney Jay Gaither. He commented further:

I think the images you see, the smile, a handicapped girl that age, is just emotionally upsetting. Law enforcement doesn’t show it, but I think that they are affected by it.

We all want Zahra Baker found soon. Let’s hope that Zahra Baker is found alive, but if not, it’s time for her family and friends to get some closure.


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