Everything You Need To Know About Daylight Saving Time

October 28, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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First things first:

Daylight Saving ends on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 2AM and ushers in the start of darker days and colder nights. Boo.

That means – set your clocks back an hour.

Okay, now for the part.

If you can believe it, the implementation of Daylight Saving Time has been fraught with controversy since Benjamin Franklin conceived of the idea. Even today, regions and countries routinely change their approaches to Daylight Saving Time.

First of all, who knew that Ben Franklin invented Daylight Savings?! Here are some other fun facts about this special day, where we lose an hour.

* Through 2006, Daylight Saving Time ended a few days before Halloween, which was a real bummer for all those candy hungry kids. Children’s pedestrian deaths are four times higher on Halloween than on any other night of the year, to parents rallied to get DST pushed back — and they won. Starting November 2007, DST was extended to the first Sunday in November, which no doubt made candy companies very pleased.

* In September 1999, the West Bank was on Daylight Saving Time while Israel had just switched back to standard time. The West Bank terrorists who prepared time bombs and smuggled them to their Israeli counterparts, misunderstood the time on the bombs. So, as the bombs were being planted, they exploded–one hour too early–killing the terrorists instead of the intended victims. Go DTS!

* This one is probably the MOST relevant to many college students and other ruffians out there.  Barflys got pisssed that they lost one whole hour of drinkin’ when Daylight Saving Time springs forward one hour. Not being able to get a drink on has led to a yearly headaches for law enforcers, who have to deal with asshats that don’t like their bars being shut down early. It’s even led to riots!

Some people!

Any way you slice it, Daylight Saving Time can sure mess up a perfectly good day. It’s just weird to suddenly have it be dark at, like 4PM. And the further north you are (like, say, Alaska), you are just totally out of luck, and sunshine. Until Spring, that is.


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