Harry Yeaggy Snags James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin For $4.6M

October 28, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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You know you’re loaded when you can pay $4.6 million for a car. That is exactly what American car collector Harry Yeaggy did at a recent London auction, but the car he bought wasn’t just any car. Harry Yeaggy threw down $4.6 million for a silver 1964 Aston Martin driven by the one and only James Bond.

The Aston Martin, complete with an ejector seat and machine guns, was first driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and then Thunderball. The James Bond films are what made Aston Martin a household name, even though the impeccably designed cars have a price tag that only an elite few can afford. The 007 car, which was originally expected to fetch over $5 million, boasts top speeds of 145 mph, rotating license plates and other cool stuff you’d expect a spy’s car to have. It looks like Harry Yeaggy got a deal and will be proud to show off his new wheels at his private Ohio museum. Harry Yeaggy also gets a signed photograph of Sean Connery standing next to the car in Switzerland.

Mick Walsh, Editor-in-Chief of Classic and Sports Car Magazine said, “This is the only genuine, 007 James Bond car.” It was previously owned by an American broadcasting exec who bought it for a measly $12,000 in 1969. The only other tricked out 007 Aston Martin went missing in 1997 and has never been found.


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