BP Oil Spill Could Have Been Prevented, Halliburton To Blame

October 29, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Oil giant Halliburton is in hot water. The presidential panel’s investigation of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has brought some recent developments to light. They say that BP may not be entirely to blame for the April 20, 2010 disaster that has left the Gulf of Mexico forever changed.

The rig that exploded was built by Halliburton and they initially blamed BP’s well design and operational choices for the disaster. But that isn’t entirely accurate. The panel’s chief investigator says Halliburton never indicated to BP that the cement mixture used on the rig was unstable. The U.S. commissions investigation uncovered that Halliburton was well aware that the cement used on the rig was problematic. BP admitted to not testing the cement after Halliburton changed the formulation last minute. Ahhh, BP and Halliburton are a match made in heaven.

Now I’m not an oil expert, but it seems like common sense that one of the thousands of people working for Halliburton and/or BP would have thought to check the cement. Was common sense not a prerequisite character trait for employees of either company? It’s baffling how this oversight happened, but the effects are devastating and someone should have to pay.

This was the biggest off shore oil disaster in U.S history. It’s more than likely that Halliburton will face criminal charges. BP is facing both criminal and civil charges and enormous fines. Good. But that isn’t going to bring back all the dead wildlife.


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