Happy Meal Toys Could Be Banned In San Francisco

November 3, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Happy Meals just got a little sadder today for children in San Francisco.

The city’s Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 to approve an ordinance that would limit toy giveaways in fast food kid’s meals loaded with fat, sodium and, obviously, calories.

If this gets approved by the Mayor, Gavin Newsom, San Fran will take the title as the first major city to pass a law fighting childhood obesity.

You go on with your bad self, Frisco! Lead the way to a healthier future!

“From San Francisco to New York, the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is making people sick, making our kids sick, particularly kids from low-income neighborhoods,” said Supervisor Eric Mar, who proposed the law.

McDonald’s is probably not too pleased with this. They say that the law would take the joy out of the Happy Meal. Yeah, so does early childhood diabetes.

Ever since books like Fast Food Nation and films like Super Size Me brought into the light just how awful fast food is for people, food companies have come under fire in recent years for their blatant marketing to children.

But, when asked if not getting a toy in a happy meal would affect his enjoyment, 13-year-old David Sanchez said: “I think they don’t really need to put the toy in,” said David, who supports the new law. “If the kids want the toys, they can still get the toys.”

Yeah, it’s not like you get a hamburger with every Barbie you buy at Toys R Us.

This vote, though substantial, can be easily bypassed. Just drive a mile outside of San Fran and you can be up to your eyeballs in toy filled Happy Meals, if you choose. But don’t count on all moms giving in. Concepcion Dawes, a 20-year-old mother of a 2-year-old said: “Fast food is really fattening, and it’s really addicting, and sometimes it’s hard to tell a child no.”

Hopefully, if passed, this new will help promote real change in the way our kids eat.


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  1. Yeah that kid in the pic does not need a happy meal. Give that kid a carrot!

  2. This is really stupid actually. What ever happened to parent responsibility? They shouldn’t have to do away with toys in meals because the parents take their kids to McDonald’s every day. That’s not the corporations fault, it’s the parents.

  3. Yeah, but so many parents dont do a good job keeping their kids healthy. someone has to do it.

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