Kye Allums Makes History As First Transgender Basketball Player

November 3, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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Times are a-changin’ folks. Kye Allums, a 20-year-old guard from the George Washington University Colonials women’s basketball team, is making history! Kye Allums was born female but is identifying as male and has become the first openly trannsexual basketball player to play on a Division 1 NCAA basketball team. Last year, Kye Allums was on the roster as Kay-Kay and this year wishes to be referred to as a male.

Luckily for Kye, NCAA rules have a policy on transgender players:

Transgender young people have the same right to participate and benefit from the positive aspects of athletics as other students do.

Right on, NCAA!

Kye Allums made a statement Tuesday:

GW has been supportive during this transition. This means a lot. I didn’t choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do. I decided to transition – that is, change my name and pronouns – because it bothered me to hide who I am, and I am trying to help myself and others to be who they are. I told my teammates first, and they, including my coaches, have supported me. My teammates have embraced me as the big brother of the team. They have been my family, and I love them all.

Kye Allums is planning to have surgery to complete the transformation but is putting it off along with hormone therapy until after he’s done with his college basketball career. NCAA rules prohibit performance-enhancing substances, including hormones.


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