Conan O’Brien Is Back Tonight on TBS!

November 8, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Everybody’s favorite late night ginger is back!

You heard me, after months off the air, Conan O’Brien is set to take over television tonight!

The former NBC Tonight Show (as well as The Late Show on CBS) host is set to make his late night debut — again, this time on the big non-network channel TBS.

Slated for the 11pm (EST) spot, Conan better bring his funny big time – as he is directly competing with fellow comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert – who, as seen by their Rally to Restore Humanity in Washington DC last week, have quite a rabid and loyal fan base.

Everyone is chomping at the bit to know – Will Coco come through? I mean, he does have an odd sense of humor – one that failed to impress the over 50 set as Jay Leno’s replacement. Plus, he has been off the air for months. How fickle will his fans be?

After finally landing a deal with TBS, he’ll bring his unique and off kilter brand of humor back to the late night set. But is it too late? Have people moved on? Only time will tell, but Team Coco is pulling out all the stops to make sure they can play with the big boys.

According his website, the 1st show will feature funny man Seth Rogen and super hot Gleek Lea Michele, along with musical guest Jack White from The White Stripes.

You gotta feel bad for Conan. He sort of got duped after he took over for Leno, only to have Leno sign on for a ½ show right be fore him. Bad form, Jay!

After settling for $40 million to leave NBC, Conan took a break from television (how else could he count all that cash?), and is now rearing and ready to go.

Will you be watching Coco big late return or are have you switched the channel on O’Brien for good?


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  1. I cant wait! Love me some red headed funny!!

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