NYC Mayor’s Daughter Georgina Bloomberg Fractures Spine

November 8, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Even the ridiculously rich fall off horses. Over the weekend at an upstate New York equestrian event, the daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had an accident. 27-year-old Georgina Bloomberg was thrown off her horse and suffered a concussion and a fractured spine.

The accident happened Friday at the Gambler’s Choice competition at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament when her saddle become loose and started to slip. The fall knocked Georgina Bloomberg unconscious, but she quickly came to and was able to walk out of the arena on her own. She didn’t seek out medical attention until Saturday morning after experiencing back pain. Georgina Bloomberg, an Olympic-level equestrian who was ranked as one of the most “intriguing billionaire heiresses” by Forbes magazine, was resting comfortably in the hospital Sunday.

A spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg said he is “very concerned, as any father would be.” Michael Bloomberg is very proud of his daughter’s accomplishments and told reporters in 2008 that he wants to make sure she stays safe. He said “that’s the only thing I’m worried about.” Like most equestrians, Georgina Bloomberg is no stranger to injuries. In Connecticut back in 2003, she suffered a fractured vertebrae after being thrown from her horse.

Georgina Bloomberg resides in Wellington, Florida and was featured in the 2003 HBO documentary Born Rich which starred Ivanka Trump and others.

Let’s wish Georgina Bloomberg a speedy recovery.


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