Carnival Splendor Fire Cuts Cruise Short

November 9, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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It’s never a good sign when your cruise ship catches on fire. Well, that’s what happened to a whole boatload of passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor yesterday about 55 miles off the Baja coast.

The 952 foot Carnival Splendor was on the first part of the seven day Mexican Riviera cruise when a fire broke out in the engine room around 6am Monday morning. 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew members learned their cruise was cut short after officials couldn’t restore power. How’s that for a vacation nightmare?

Luckly, no one was hurt. Later while the ship was still adrift awaiting rescue boats, the passengers were not having fun. Power was completely disabled meaning no air conditioning, no hot food service, no phones and toilets were not flushing. Rescue tug boats are en route and will tow the ship to Ensenada, Mexico.

‘Conditions on board the ship are very challenging and we sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience our guests are currently enduring,’ said Gerry Cahill, president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Yes, these things happen but you never think they’ll happen to you! Passengers have been allowed to return to their cabins and have been made comfortable with bottled water and cold food.

Normally, the Carnival Splendor cruise continues on to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but passengers on this ship won’t get there this time around. Carnival says passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor will receive a full refund, will be reimbursed for transportation costs and will receive a free future cruise of the same value. Good, atleast Carnival is doing the right thing, but will passengers want to try their luck again? Not sure.


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  1. Carnival Splendor Fire, Carnival cruise ships with approximately 4,500 passengers and crew members had just received a power in the Pacific off the coast of Baja California.


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