Non-Profit Exec Amy Erin Blakely Loses Job Over Breast Size?

November 12, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Imagine being harassed daily at work over the size of your breasts and then losing your job over it. That’s exactly what 43-year-old Amy Erin Blakely says happened at the Devereux Foundation where she was the Assistant Executive Director of Operations.

Amy Erin Blakely is suing the non-profit foundation for gender discrimination and claims she was told to hide her breasts because they were too large for male colleagues to concentrate and that she was too “sensual” to ever be promoted. Wait, so only asexual flat-chested women can be promoted within the Devereux Foundation?

The Devereux Foundation specializes in placing children in foster care, especially those with therapeutic needs. But what about Amy Erin Blakely’s needs? She needed a job and alleges she was fired right after she filed a second complaint about the discriminatory remarks.

In a press conference, Amy Erin Blakely commented:

No woman should ever be subjected to such sexist and derogatory remarks. It was very humiliating to know that senior members of our management team would focus on my breasts as opposed to my performance on my job. Every day I had great trepidation and fear that I was going to either be humiliated, harassed or lose my job because of the way I looked, not based on my performance at all. My performance was exemplary.

Amy Erin Blakely is being represented by Gloria Allred, a high-powered attorney who has represented more than one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses. Interesting choice of counsel there.

But all in all, there still seems to be some key information missing. Was Amy Erin Blakely coming to work dressed like a stripper (though she says she dressed professionally) or were the mens’ imaginations running wild? Assuming it was the latter, maybe the men should have been fired. Or maybe Amy Erin Blakely was a bad employee and just doesn’t want to admit it, so instead, she’s claiming she was fired due to her breast size. Sometimes the truth is ugly and whatever it is here, someone should own up to it.

President and CEO of Devereux Florida, Robert Kreider, responded to the allegations:

(The allegations) are purposefully inflammatory, and either spurious or twisted in content and context. In no way do these allegations represent the truth about our organization or our staff, but here is what does. We have a deep and abiding respect for women in our organization, as evidenced by the fact that more than 50 percent of our senior leadership team is female.

Yea, but are they flat-chested females?


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