5 Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

November 15, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Returning to work after Thanksgiving weekend can be a drag. Between the turkey eating and shopping on Black Friday it’s a wonder anyone makes it to work on Monday. Thankfully, the Internet gods granted us Cyber Monday – an excuse to extend your holiday shopping into the work week.

If you’re new to Cyber Monday (like I was) here are 5 quick shopping tips to get yourself acquainted so you can shop like an online pro!

Online Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday:

  1. Create an account.
    You know your favorite sites and the stores your family and friends like most. Why not create an account early so that you won’t have to hassle with signing up come Monday morning? Most sites will store your log-in information for you so you can save time and start shopping right away!
  2. Know your stuff.
    Online shopping can be a bit overwhelming with the entire store’s collection at your fingertips. Plan ahead with a list of people and gift ideas before you log-in so you won’t go overboard or forget about anyone.
  3. Find the deals.
    Browse your favorite sites in the days leading up to Cyber Monday to find the best deals. They want your business just as much as you want their cute boots! Most stores will cut down their prices with promotion codes or deals. Find out what specials they’re running so you can take some of the pressure off your wallet.
  4. Consider buying in bulk.
    The extra cost associated with cyber shopping is shipping. Most online stores will throw in free shipping if your cart reaches a certain price. Try getting the most bang for your buck by buying for several people at one store!
  5. Shop quickly.
    Unlike shopping during Black Friday, when you put an item in your cart on Cyber Monday you don’t automatically reserve it. Most stores do not consider the item pulled from inventory until the sale is final. Know what you want and buy it quickly s o you won’t be left without gifts for your loved ones!

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