Apple Announcement November 16

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Ever go on iTunes to download a Beatles song just to find out the Beatles aren’t on iTunes? Many are speculating that after the Apple announcement November 16, no one will ever have that problem again. We all know iTunes has a ton of great music ranging from the obscure to current pop hits and everything in between, so this Apple announcement will make Beatles fans everywhere a little happier.

If you go to the iTunes homepage, you’ll find the image to the right about the Apple announcement November 16, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” The clocks are pointing to different times which could be Apple’s version of the Beatles’ cover image for their 1965 album Help.

If the Apple announcement November 16 is about making the Beatles’ music available on iTunes, it’ll end a three decade-long clash between Apple Inc. and Apple Corps, which owns the right to all their music, reports the Wall Street Journal. But many fans are skeptical of the announcement because in August, Yoko Ono said that Beatles fans shouldn’t expect to see their music on iTunes in the near future.

Another theory on the Apple announcement is that Apple will be offering streaming content. Apple took over the music service Lala about a year ago and hasn’t done anything with it–yet.

Stay tuned. The Apple announcement will be at 7am PST.


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