Ryan Reynolds Named Sexiest Man Alive 2010

November 17, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Ahhh, there’s nothing better than the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue of People. This year, many of us are left wondering is Ryan Reynolds the sexiest man alive? It’s such a subjective question and what’s sexy to me may not be sexy to you, but all i can say is NICE WORK People! The magazine has named Canadian-born actor Ryan Reynolds the sexiest man alive 2010 and I can’t say I disagree…

When Ryan Reynolds, 34, learned he was named the sexiest man alive, he told the magazine:

Well, there was a little moment of disbelief, and then you kind of settle into it. Really, you just have to go with the flow.

Yes, clearly there are other sexy men out there, but there’s something about Ryan Reynolds that puts him a cut above the rest. Maybe having Scarlett Johansson by his side makes him appear sexier — she was just named GQ‘s Babe of the year. Or maybe the sexiness comes from his 6’3″ stature or maybe it’s his shirtless scenes that show his ripped torso in movies like The Proposal. Whatever it is, Ryan Reynolds has got it. I’ll be picking up the Sexiest Man Alive 2010 issue this afternoon. Are you?

Catch the sexiest man alive 2010 in Green Lantern which hits theaters next year. You can check out the trailer here.


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