Stay Connected to Black Friday

November 17, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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The time has come. Get your shopping shoes on and your credit cards out because Black Friday is just around the corner! It’s the one day of the year where shopping changes from our favorite leisurely pastime into a full contact sport. With a holiday this serious, we don’t want you heading into the mall on Black Friday unless you are fully prepared. You need to know the deals, the store hours, and the hot ticket items! And wouldn’t you know it- there’s an app for that!

iPhone has teamed up with to create the most helpful app of the holiday season. Just download the app straight to your phone anytime between now and Black Friday to gain access to everything you could need to prepare for the greatest shopping day of the year. The app allows you to browse through ads, see the top rated deals, and view a list of all the stores participating in Black Friday.  Our favorite part about the Black Friday app is that it gives you access to newspaper ads as soon as they are available. No need to carry around a Ziploc bag full of coupons – just bring your phone! Think about the time you can save plotting your next move while you wait in line to make your purchases! Just don’t forget to charge your phone. You wouldn’t want to be left in the dust with a dead phone and no deals!


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