The Green Lantern Trailer Hits The Web

November 17, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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The hotly anticipated trailer for the film The Green Lantern hit the web today and now everyone wants to view the unquestionably hot Ryan Reynolds kick some super hero butt.

Look no further.. we have it The Green Lantern trailer right here.

While The Green Lantern is set to premiere in theaters soon, comic book and Ryan Reynolds fans have finally been thrown a bone in the form of the much-awaited superhero trailer. It was posted on Internet today and has sent the web into a tizzy.

The Green Lantern trailer consists of a lot of awesome super heroes and, of course, Ryan Reynolds, the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive, who plays Hal Jordon in The Green Lantern.

The plot goes like this: Reynolds is left a green ring from an alien on his deathbed, which gives him superpowers that allow him to defend the universe. (And look amazing doing it.)

Which is never a bad thing.


The Green Lantern Trailer:


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  1. i’m so not into these types of movies but the fact that ryan reynolds is in it changes everything. ;-)

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