Britney Spears’ Parents Back Together

November 18, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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With all the celebrity weddings, engagements, breakups, shake ups and make ups, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Britney Spears’ divorced parents are back together. Just when you had given up hope on celebrity couples, this is proof that anything can happen folks!

Eight years after divorcing, Britney Spears’ parents have found love again — WITH EACH OTHER. They were seen in Los Angeles Saturday night being openly affectionate at Boudoir and all I can say is AWWW. Lynne and Jamie Spears reconciled over the summer and were married for 30 years prior to their divorce. How often does that happen?

We all know the Spears family is whack, but in a good way this time. They’re finally making the news for something positive! Keep it up! FYI, a source told Us Magazine that they are not remarried but they are back together.

‘There is still love there,’ says an insider. ‘It happened slowly, but they’ve been through so much. It makes sense to get back together. That bond is strong now.’

Too bad it took a messy divorce and eight years for Britney Spears’ parents to figure that out, but hey, better late than never right? If that doesn’t restore your faith in celebrity marriages, I’m not sure anything will.

Good luck to both of Britney Spears’ parents!

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