Skating With The Stars Premieres Tonight After Dancing With The Stars.

November 23, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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What will the world do now that Dancing With The Stars is over? How will they get their fix of mildly talented celebs making fools of themselves in glitzy outfits?

Skating With The Stars, naturally!

Who can we expect to see on the show? Read on for more!

Skating With the Stars takes six “celebrities” and teaches them how to ice dance and figure skate like Chaz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory. Each week they will perform until the final ice battle.

It’s Dancing With The Stars, only slipperier.

The six contestants for SWTS are reality show star Bethenny Frankel, champion skier Jonny Moseley (which is the only one that really makes sense – at least he’s used to the cold!),  bygone actress Sean Young, teen star Brandon Mychal Smith (who?), daytime TV star Rebecca Budig (again, who?) and rock star Vince Neil.

Vince Neil? He’s going to break a hip!

Each celeb will be coupled up with a ice skating champ/professional who will teach them how to do the moves as well as help them choreograph their routines (and hopefully pick out outfits).

Some of the competitors have skated in the past, mostly when they were kids on their roller blades/skates so this won’t be the first time they have ever been on ice skates. That means that at least they will be able to stand, but unlike Dancing With the Stars, if you take a wrong step you crash and fall onto the hard, cold, unforgiving ice. It could quickly take a toll on a person’s body.

The panel of judges including two-time Olympian skater Johnny Weir and his awesome hair, Choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson and two-time Olympic champion and Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Dick Button. Love the name.

Like DWTS the judges will critique and score the competitors and the viewers will vote for their favorites to keep them on the show.

And rounding out this mélange of celebs — hosting the show will be UK TV host Vernon Kay and Tanith Belbin – the most decorated U.S Ice Dancer.

Sounds like a party! Who’s going to be watching??

Tune in for the Skating With The Stars premiere tonight at 9|8c on ABC.


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