Black Friday: Set your alarm clocks early!

November 24, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Each day we are getting closer and closer to Black Friday. Forget the turkey – this week is all about shopping. Some of you (the saints who work in retail this time of year) might not be excited, the rest of us can’t wait to get a jump on our holiday shopping and get some great deals while doing it.

So just how early should we be waking up for this event? That depends on how committed you are to the cause! If you’re really itching to be the first in line, you could start on Thanksgiving Day. Some major retailers (like Walmart and Gap) are opening their doors for Thanksgiving, claiming that their costumers would rather shop than watch football after devouring delicious turkey. We couldn’t believe it either. Who passes up an opportunity for the best tryptophan- induced nap of the year?

If that’s too intense for you, most stores will be ready for you bright and early on Friday morning – well mostly just early. Bright doesn’t happen at 3am. Old Navy starts the day off at 12:01am with Kohl’s following a few hours behind at 3am.  Most major department stores follow closely behind at 4am and the majority of other retailers begin the madness at a more feasible 5am. Apple is the only store seemingly uninterested in getting a jump on sales and doesn’t open its doors until 8am.

While you might not be wild about the idea of setting your alarm clock on a holiday weekend, it’s probably the only way you’ll be guaranteed the best deals for Black Friday.  Once the products are off the shelves, they’re gone. You don’t want to be the only one paying full price because you couldn’t get out of bed to go shopping, do you?


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