Michael Brea ‘Ugly Betty’ Actor Brutally Murders Mother

November 24, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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BROOKLYN, NY: Some horrifyingly weird news is coming out of Brooklyn and involves actor Michael Brea who appeared on Ugly Betty and had a role in Step Up 3D. Early Tuesday morning, Michael Brea allegedly hacked his mother to death in her apartment with a ceremonial Freemason sword while reciting strange religious banter. Neighbors heard the screams and called the police.

Neighbors in the Prospect Heights apartment building where Yannick Brea, 55, lived made multiple calls to the police after hearing her screams and Michael Brea referencing Jerusalem, Moses and the “Architect of the Universe.” Once the police arrived, they kept mentioning protocol and would not break down the door for 45 minutes although the building manager gave them permission.

Sydney Clare, whose father is the building owner, said that Michael Brea “looked crazy.”

His poor mother must have been terrified, and the cops just stood a few feet away. They just kept saying protocol this and protocol that. Now a woman’s dead who should be alive if only the police would have listened.

When the police finally entered the apartment, they found Yannick Brea decapitated with multiple stab wounds. Michael Brea had to be taken down with a taser and is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. He explained to the doctors that “he saw the Devil, and that the Devil was somehow in his mother,” according to the Daily News.

The Devil was clearly in Michael Brea Tuesday night. Kiss your acting “career” goodbye!


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