Cyber Monday Is The New Black (Friday)

November 26, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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It seems that people are smarting up these days when it comes to shopping. Why wake up from the happy slumber of a food coma just to go stand in the freezing cold with 800 of your neighbors just to possibly get stampeded to death while trying to score an X-box for the kids?

Sure, the stores are packed today. And yes, millions of people got their Black Friday on. But come Cyber Monday, shoppers around the web will have forgotten all about the day after Thanksgiving.

So what is Cyber Monday, anyway? It’s a term that was coined five years ago to “define the emergence of online retailing after the Thanksgiving Day holiday.”

And, like Black Friday, it’s now a major money making annual retail event. It’s estimate that 88.2% of retailers expected to offer a special Cyber Monday promotion. (Presumable different from any Black Friday online deals they are rocking now.)

If you’re signed up for newsletters from your favorite store, chances are you got a Cyber Monday deal alert. 62.7% of retailers are expected to be sending promotions and deals to shoppers via e-mail.

So why the push? Well, come Monday, when we are all back at our desks with the thoughts of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads, work is the LAST thing we want to be doing, right? So, the dismay of bosses everywhere – we shop!

It is said that 54.5% of employees with Internet access (that’s approximately 70.1 million people!) will do some form of online shopping from their place of business this year.

“Employees most likely to shop from work during breaks or lunch hour include men (56.5 percent of whom intend to shop online) and adults ages 25 to 34 (71.8 percent indicated a desire to shop online).”
Yeah right! Try all day when the boss isn’t looking!

So now you have two big days to fill stockings and make Santa’s job a whole lot easier. Just make you aren’t on dial up come Cyber Monday!


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