Family Watch Dog Website Helps Keep Your Kids Safe

November 29, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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In this day and age, we constantly hear stories of sex offenders on the news and just about everywhere we turn. If you think your neighborhood is safe, think again. With help from a website called Family Watch Dog, you can scope out the sex offenders in your neighborhood and keep your kids safe.

We all know the internet can be used as a gateway for both good and evil when it comes to sex offenders. As we’ve learned from shows like To Catch A Predator, sex offenders use the internet to make contact with their victims and facilitate illegal activity. But on the bright side, you can use the internet to know what sex offenders are lurking around the corner in your neighborhood. By searching on Family Watch Dog, you can locate the addresses of registered sex offenders in all fifty states, see their pictures and get details about their conviction(s). Just go to

Sound familiar? You may have heard of Family Watch Dog from an Oprah episode. Family Watch Dog is the only sex offender registry that has been featured on her show.

No kids? No problem! Even if you don’t have kids, you can use Family Watch Dog to make sure your neighbor (or boyfriend) isn’t on the list and can even send a map to a friend with free email notifications every time a sex offender moves. Besides, it’s kinda fun to check out the gnarly pedophiles on there…I mean only if you have time to kill, that is.

As their slogan says, awareness really is the best defense. So go ahead and check out Family Watch Dog. You know you’re dying of curiosity…

PS. In my small town in NJ, I found 4 creepy looking dudes that are within a 5 mile drive.


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