Bear Gall Bladder Uses?

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The search term ‘bear gall bladder uses’ recently spiked on search engines when two stories recently mde national news:

On Nov. 19, the remains of a mutilated bear cub was found by a road crew in Triangle , Virginia. Authorities discovered the bear cub’s gall bladder had been removed.

On Nov. 23, a news outlet in Vietnam reported a new campaign attempting to change attitudes and behavior toward the uses for bear gall bladders and bile.  According to VOVNews, “An Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) survey of more than 3,000 residents of three major cities – Hanoi, HCM City and Da Nang – shows that 22 percent of people interviewed said they have used bear gall.” ENV recommended that Vietnamese agencies crack down on the laws protecting wild animals, including these bears, and promote their enforcement as well as scientific research on bear conservation.

Uses for Bear Gall Bladders & Bile:

There are apparently several bear gall bladder uses that many internet users are trying to learn more about. Bear gall bladder bile is used in Eastern medicine for a variety of ailments, including diabetes, liver disease and heart disease.

‘Bear gallbladders and bile are used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of illnesses including fever, liver disease, convulsions, diabetes, and heart disease,’ says The Humane Society’s website. ‘Clinical research analyzing the medicinal properties of bear gallbladders indicates that they may be effective for treating a number of ills. However, other natural substances already accepted in traditional medicine, as well as synthetic substances, can be substituted.’

Unlawful Use of Bear Gall Bladders:

We’ve all heard of organ trafficking on the black market, but bear gall bladders? According to The Humane Society, bears now have to worry about more than just hunters because their gall bladders can fetch about $3,000 in Asia, where the organs are used for medicinal purposes. 

Bear gall bladders aren’t the only bear parts that are used to treat these common ailments. In some cultures, people who eat bear paws are believed to take on the strength and vigor of a bear and eating bear meat is thought to enhance one’s virility. Oh and don’t forget pigs fly!

So are these bear gall bladder uses for real or just something crazy people have been searching for on the internet? I’ll stick to synthetic substances, thanks.


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  1. The reason for the recent surge in people searching for ‘bear gall bladder uses’ is probably due to the new National Geographic Channel series, ‘Wild Justice.’ On the program, the game warden makes a big deal about poachers harvesting bear gall bladders but doesn’t give a reason why. The topic sparked my curiosity so I searched it as well.

  2. Limit how much red meat you eat, and, as mentioned above, make sure as much fat is trimmed from it as possible

  3. @ gall bladder- exactly what do you mean by your comment? Does it have anything to do with this article? I’m sorry but I’m not getting the correlation here…

  4. Wild justice made me search

  5. I also searched because I watched the episode of Wild Justice and was curious what the hype was about

  6. Wild Justice made me curious

  7. Wild Justice’s episode on Bear poachers sparked my curiosity of what the use of Bear Gallbladder was. Not cool at all.

  8. ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL! BILLIONS of dollars are spent every year to develop sustainable, humane, and FAR more effective medicines. This is nothing short of medieval witchcraft. Its PATHETIC that “human beings” are creating a market for these poachers to thrive. It makes me sorry to be a human being. SHAMEFUL.

  9. Wild Justice made me do it.

  10. searched b/c of show Wild Justice. Wardens did not state what it was used for and I, as well was curious.

  11. Wild justice made me do it

  12. haha wild justice. me too.

  13. Wild Justice should have been more inform ative. Obvious that we all had the same curious minds even months after the first airing of the show.

  14. Welp, I ended up here because of National Geographic. I’m watching it as I type this. I hope they catch every last one of these jerks. Killing for sport is disgusting.

  15. Wild Justice, wanted 2 c why hunters are taking bear gall bladders & paws and leaving the rest of the bear 2 rot.

  16. wild justic maade me look to lol

  17. like most NATGEO made me do it!! lol.and like the other said they dont tell what they are used for !!. BUT IN MY OWN WORDS I THINK IT IS VERY WRONG. and these people. should strung and hung!! GET A ROPE!!!

  18. Well i think you guys are faggots and bears taste pretty good

  19. All Asian traditions are fkn retarded. U are a complete moron if u think eating an animal gives u in any way said animals strength or whatever….

  20. Wild Justice viewer

    I saw this Wild Justice’s episode and I got curious

  21. Human beings, especially indigenous tribes, have used natural medicine for as long as we’ve existed. It’s idiotic to say that the entire practice of consuming animals for the sake of medicinal purposes is “shameful” especially since we came from these indigenous tribes. What is shameful is the amount of poisons labeled as “medicinal” being pumped down the throats of our children. We’ve evolved with the plants and animals, not without them.. while we must strive to facilitate habitable ecosystems for them we must also be mindful of our nature.

  22. I live near the city dump. The bear population is enormous. I am afraid to walk outside my house. Why are these bears protected and not me? How do I find who wants discount priced bear parts?

  23. @anonymous near the city dump: start by giving ur name, idiot.

  24. i also watch wild justice and became curious as to why the hype on bear gall bladders. Why dont they just tell us why by them not giving a reason it just naturaly spikes ones curiosity and then we research it.

  25. same here saw wild justice and wanted to know why he made the guy destroy it…??

  26. seen it on whild justic but c y they where doin it never heard y so looked it up man thats crazy

  27. Wild justice lol wow we all watch the same thing huh!!

  28. Haha curiosity

  29. I watched WILD JUSTICE and was curious !!!!

  30. Are you supposed to destroy a bear gall bladder if legally harvest the animal?

  31. just watch wild justice

  32. Just watched wild justice

  33. wild justice lol

  34. Wild justice episode is on right now and like most curiosity got the best of me. Also if it is a legal kill don’t you have rights to do whatever you want with it?

  35. the tv show wild justice made me serch

  36. Holy sh*t!this makes me want to stab all the poachers and turn into a fat raccoon!

  37. Also here because of wild justice

  38. I agree with some people. It is bad to kill animals but it is legal to kill them. So got to accpept that. If u kill I believe u have the right to do whatever u want to do with it . The reason I think they call it illegal is because the govt. Does not get a tax on it.

  39. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here
    by searching for bear gall blladder uses

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  42. Thanks for the knowledge..wild justice never said why poachers feel the need to kill bears for the gallbladder…now I have a better understanding

  43. wild justice on national geographic

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  47. I’m was a bear hunter and I killed my bear legal and I sold B.C. and they came in and got me for sailing them and charged me 5000 bucks and took my license four life thought if you killed it legally it was yours and could do what you liked with it

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