Mastercard Website Down: Taken Out By Wikileaks Supporters?

December 8, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Yesterday we reported that Wikileaks’ head Julian Assange was arrested and that a loyal group of supporters vowed to wreak havoc on websites and companies that are not in support of WikiLeaks’ mission. It turns out that the hackers weren’t messing around because the main site for Mastercard is down.

Are hackers to blame?

The pro-Wikileaks group of hackers and activists called “Anonymous” is in full support of Julian Assange and encouraged like-minded individuals to go after websites and companies that do not support WikiLeaks. In the past, they’ve hacked the Church of Scientology and sites within the music industry. They’ve already taken aim at the websites of Swedish prosecuters (they had a warrant out for Julian Assange’s arrest and froze his bank account) and are going after any company that is anti-Wikileaks.

On Tuesday, the credit giant Mastercard severed its ties with Wikileaks and not so coincidentally, their website is now down. Is the Mastercard site outage part of the wave of online support or just a temporary bug? You can decide. It also makes you wonder if this Mastercard outage is the first of many attacks or just one of a few isolated incidents.

“Anonymous” isn’t the only group in support of Wikileaks. Twitter is riddled with messages in support of Assange, and the Wikileaks Facebook page has well over 1 million fans. So where is the line between freedom of press and illegal activity? And where do ethics come into play? Issues that were once black and white are starting to get more and more gray.


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  1. ok this is getting scary. hackers causing site outages on Mastercard? so wrong to cause harm intentially like that.


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