Fashion Designer Sylvie Cachay Found Dead In Swank NYC Hotel

December 10, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Something went terribly wrong for 33-year old New York fashion designer Sylvie Cachay after checking in to the swank New York hotspot, SoHo House. Her lifeless body was found Thursday in a filled bathtub after neighbors complained of water leaking down into their room from the ceiling. Nicholas Brooks, son of Academy-Award winning composer Joseph Brooks, is being questioned by police in connection with her death, but no one has been charged.

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Investigators say Sylvie Cachay was found partially submerged in the bathtub and only wearing a black top and underwear. She had red marks around her neck which may hint at strangulation, bite marks on her hand and singed hair. Suicide hasn’t been ruled out, as prescription drugs were found at the scene.

Sources close to Cachay say she was in a tumultuous relationship with big time party boy Nicholas Brooks, 24. Her publicist, Kate Godici, commented, “I don’t think it was a healthy relationship. I just think he’s unstable from what she’s told me.” To make matters worse, Nicholas Brooks’ father Joseph seems to be quite the perv and was indicted last year on 82 counts of sex crimes. Not to say like father like son, but let’s just say if Nicholas Brooks was charged with murder, it wouldn’t exactly shock me.

Sylvie Cachay’s sudden death, though, shocked everyone. Neighbor Jason Kulhman commented on the tragedy:

I didn’t know her well, but she seemed really sweet. It’s really sad.

Sylvie Cachay was a rising star who had interned at Marc Jacobs and whose worked graced the pages of Vogue, Elle and People, according to DNAinfo. Let’s hope justice is served.


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