Lisa Ling Dishes On Secret Society Of Women

December 10, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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Lisa Ling appeared on The View this morning and talked about a taboo topic that many women keep to themselves — miscarriage. Lisa Ling, 37, shared news about her miscarriage six months ago and told viewers she felt more alone than ever. To help others deal with with issues they may be facing, she went on to create an online community called the Secret Society of Women where we can anonymously and safely reveal the issues that plague us to the very core. The group is aimed at creating a dialogue about the things we keep hidden.

So let’s see what this Secret Society of Women is all about…

The Secret Society of Women was created by Lisa Ling and Sophia Kim in October 2010. Upon entering the site, we’re met with a mission statement. From the Secret Society of Women’s website (which is not loading right now due to heavy traffic):

Welcome to our secret society. Of women. By women. For women. A place where we can divulge our deepest secrets about how we look, what we regret, who we fantasize about, what we aspire to do, or whatever else we’ve been keeping inside of us.

Lisa Ling hopes that by coming forward about her miscarriage, her strength will encourage others to do the same (just maybe not on national television). Topics on the Secret Society of Women’s site range from eating disorders to abuse and others provide hope and inspiration. Sometimes it’s cathartic to get a secret off your chest, but if you don’t have something to share, it can be rewarding to help others. Users can share “wisdom” or offer a “daily wish.”

Obviously, the Secret Society of Women is attracting tons of internet users since it’s currently down. Sometimes it’s easier telling a stranger your darkest secrets. Venting is a good thing. What do you think of the concept?


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