Business As Usual After Bomb Scare At Newark Airport

December 20, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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There are tons of things at the airport that could put a damper on your holiday festivities–flight delays, bad weather and excessive security groping checks. But that’s not what happened this morning at Newark International Airport in New Jersey. The holiday season got a little less merry for travelers at Newark Airport after a bomb scare shut down Terminal A for over half an hour.

Read on for the details…

The package that started the whole mess was found behind the American Airlines counter and belonged to a passenger who was already in the air. Terminal A was completely shut down for passengers and no vehicle traffic was allowed in or out of the terminal. Shortly after the discovery of the package, Essex County bomb squad arrived at Newark Airport.

But as the FBI investigated the suspicious package, it was determined that the package was just a computer monitor giving off small amounts of radiation, which is normal for a device such as that, according to MSNBC. FBI agent Bryan Travers from the Newark Field Division said:

It appears there is no cause for alarm, but authorities are taking the necessary precautions to be certain.

Better safe than sorry, but come on. It’s nearly 2011 and we can’t tell the difference between a regular computer monitor and a bomb? Maybe some of the money getting poured into TSA pat downs should be invested in better bomb detection technology. Sigh.

Newark Airport is one of three airports that service the New York City metropolitan area and is on high alert throughout the holiday season.


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