Top 10 most shocking news stories of 2010

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10. Chilean miners taught the world a lesson
The Chilean rescue was possibly the most inspiring news story Americans watched on their television all year. The miners shocked us when we found that they had survived without food for 17 days and the world watched intensely as each one of them made it above ground in good health. One even ran in the New York City Marathon!


9. Student suicide after invasion of privacy
After his roommate caught him on Webcam with another male, Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge. The U.S. was left to reevaluate our tolerance for diversity.



8. Julian Assange was deemed a spy
After releasing nearly 800,000 documents related to the war in Afghanistan, editor in chief of WikiLeaks may be prosecuted as a spy. He also released a video of U.S. soldiers killing Iraqi citizens, not to mention his sex crimes in Sweden. Needless to say, Julian Assange is in a lot of trouble.



7. Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton
Okay so its not much of a surprise but since Princess Diana’s shocking death the world has been waiting for a princess that might model her compassion, charisma, and style. So when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton even the tabloids gave their blessing to the long time couple.



6. A tragedy in Cambodia
Fueled by panic, people stampeded off an island in the Tonle Sap river and what resulted was the biggest tragedy the country saw since the 1970s. Some died after jumping into the river. Hundreds of deaths were caused by internal injuries and suffocation.



5. Explosion shakes up Times Square
Many diagnosed it as an anti-war attack since the bomb went off by a military recruiting station.  Even though it turned out to be a case of vandalism many, New Yorkers were shook by the minor explosion in Times Square.



4. The world’s oldest man celebrated 114th birthday
Believe it or not, Walter Breuning turned the big 1-1-4 on September 21st. His secret? Cigarettes, whiskey, wild women, and of course a sense of humor.



3. Former President of Argentina died at age 60
Nestor Kirchner acted as his wife’s right hand man and was seriously considering running again in the coming election. Unfortunately he died suddenly on October 27th. He left behind a legacy of pulling Argentina out of their economic crisis. He will also be remembered for his fight for human rights. 


2. Typhoon Megi slams Philippines and China
It was the strongest typhoon to strike the Philippines in four years. Nearly 4,000 people evacuated the Philippines and around 200,000 were left homeless. It gravitated to China as a severe storm where it affected nearly 800,000 people.


1. 10 year old girl gives birth
A young gypsy girl caused uproar in Spain when she gave birth at the age of ten. The father is a 13 year old boy and the girl’s mother had no problem with pregnancy. Even worse, the girl did not see a doctor once during her pregnancy.


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  1. These 2010 news stories are awesome!!!!!!!!!! What a year, what a year.

  2. thanks for the latest news

  3. 2011 was a pretty incredible year! I’ve seen some of these news stories, but I missed some. The best story of the year was when the miners were rescued!

  4. Wow 2010 had some crazy news stories!

  5. Many of these news stories are very sad ones. May 2011 bring more joy and happiness to the world.

  6. Wow, some of these news stories of 2010 really were really shocking!

  7. What a year we had indeed in 2010. There truly are some odd stories that happened this year.

  8. news stories,Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton 2010 i like this story.

  9. I like all the news stories of 2010. They all are interesting.

  10. the news stories of 2010 is really tragic

  11. To me, of all the news stories listed here for 2010, the most shocking was the one where the person committed suicide on webcam and no-one stopped them.

  12. how can a ten year old girl get pregnant im 15 and im not even pregnant


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