Hugh Hefner Engaged to 24-Year-Old Playmate

December 27, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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It sure was a Merry Christmas over at the Playboy Mansion!

It was announced today that Hugh Hefner, the 84-year-old Playboy Magazine mogul, proposed to his bunny bombshell girlfriend Crystal Harris.

Crystal Harris is 24.

Get details below of Hugh Hefner’s engagement to 24-year-old Playmate Crystal…

Hefner revealed the big news of the engagement on, where else, but in a Twitter message from the Playboy Mansion in Hollywood that he’d put a ring on the former Playmate and future Mrs. Hefner.

Harris posed nude in Playboy last December, apparently burst into tears at the news that the much older mogul wanted to tie the knot.

This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory,” Hugh Hefner wrote.

Then, Hefner tweeted a second time to let friends and fans know that ring was not simply a Christmas gift for his sexy plaything.

Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring,” the mogul wrote. “I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.

This rounds out as the third marriage for the notoriously swinging single, Hef. Although he’s had a steady stream of girlfriends, (as seen on the E! reality series “The Girls Next Door,” which chronicles his life surrounded by 20-something vixens at the Playboy Mansion.) he just recently got divorced from his old flame, Playmate Kimberly Conrad, last year.

Prior to that, he was married for 10 years to college sweetheart Mildred Williams in the ’50s. Aww. That’s almost sweet.

His new fiancé, Harris, studied psychology at San Diego State University, and moved into the Playboy Mansion in January 2009. It didn’t take long before she caught the millionaires eye.

And she had some stiff competition. Harris starred in his reality show along with Hefner’s teenage twin girlfriends at the time, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. (They were a little too rambunctious for the old man, though, and quite the show and left the mansion shortly after.)

According to the NY Daily News “Harris described herself to Us magazine as “a good girl, for the most part.”


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  1. God – Crystal Harris is beautiful! The engagement to Hef is weird though… and these were weird in the ’70s too, BTW. They just keep getting stranger.

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